Dan Greenberg and Steve Marchel have been smoking food for their friends and families for years. They bonded a few years back through their love of all things smoked and their shared passion to feed and make happy those whose lives they touched. Soon, a business began to be discussed. Never wanting to be all things to all people, Dan and Steve decided to try to perfect the process of smoking fish using an all-natural process. Dan had already made great inroads, having his product which he sold at a local Farmer’s Market, rave-reviewed by the biggest food critic in the Philadelphia area. They envisioned and planned evolving their local smoking into a niche, small-batch producer of the finest smoked fish available. They think they’ve succeeded in Water Dog Smoked Fish.

Dan and Steve grew up fishing the back bays and ocean off the coast of Southern New Jersey. Though they didn’t know each other as kids, they learned in recent years that they had somewhat run parallel paths: both raised along the coast in the same small Southern NJ town, both loved to learn everything about the process and art of properly smoking, each loved to prepare smoked foods for their friends and families, and both are stubbornly committed to not sacrificing quality―they knew that when Water Dog Smoked Fish was born, they wanted to fill a niche of a small-batch/high-quality provider. So they launched Water Dog Smoked Fish in the Summer of 2017.

Why Water Dog?

Well, Steve had a Portuguese Water Dog named Betty who had a heck of a run but passed away earlier in 2017. Her image, with a fish in mouth, is the perfect logo. Betty ate EVERYTHING all the time, but she especially loved her some salmon. To that, we honor Betty and all who knew and loved her. Similarly, we are confident that all who try our products will love them, as well. Welcome to Water Dog.

Dan Greenberg

Dan competed on the national BBQ competition circuit, including multiple New Jersey state competitions. His love of BBQ (and requests from his friends) eventually led him into smoking fish. Dan has received high praise from some of the toughest food critics in the business.

Steve Marchel

Raised in Margate, NJ and after college at Yale, where he played baseball and ate his way around New England, he pursued a career in finance.  Steve lives in Longport, NJ with his two college-aged sons and can be found smoking tasty food for his family and friends nearly every weekend.

Creative Inspiration

Betty’s one-of-a-kind obsession with food, was highlighted when Steve came out of a store to his car, only to find Betty had gotten into the Salmon he had bought to smoke that night. Looking up, with chunks of raw orange flesh peppering her beard as if to say, “Hey man, you should know better than to leave me with some tasty salmon.”